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Shandies feters lap up River Lime

Monday, February 27, 2017
T’Shian Reyes-Maurice, co-promoter of Shandies Promotions, centre, goes down low with feters at The River Lime.

Partygoers lapped up the excitement of a transported River Lime when Shandies Promotions staged its 13th Annual All-Inclusive Carnival Fete at Jerry’s Bar, Jerry Junction, Waterloo, Carapichaima, on February 19.

Acclaimed as one of the most enjoyable and affordable fetes in Central Trinidad, Shandies caters for a mature crowd which prefers a mix of oldies and new musical offerings.

Patrons got exactly that, and more, from the band First Impressions, led by Roland Alibocas, featuring frontline singer Kirland ‘Big B’ Jacob and newcomer Houston “Papa Steve” Villaroel, as well as the Carolina Rhythm Section and DJ Spoil Child International.

Cups made from bamboo and transplanted bamboo plants conveyed the ambience of a genuine river lime.

Feters were treated to a range of tasty food items, embellished with samplings from a suckling pig roasted on a spit during the lime. Mixologist Isidore Vincent was kept busy with his original concoctions.

“We have loyal followers since we always try to keep our price reasonable over the years.

In addition, we offer a unique package as we cater to a mature crowd during a hectic Carnival season,” said Andy Maurice, who runs Shandies Promotions with his wife, T’Shian Reyes-Maurice.