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Flaws in appointments no laughing matter

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

It seems that every Monday morning, immediately following generous pictures of judges and magistrates smiling ear to ear as they are being sworn in, truly scandalous revelations are made about them. So, one left with numerous matters outstanding, another had serious disciplinary matters against her and here comes another, with some rather sexist and suggestively lewd postings in of all places, Facebook, the playground for decadence.

Has not the background checks for appointments in the judiciary been expanded to postings on social media? I recall that the current Mayor of Arima was reminded of her adverse postings regarding immigrants and a prominent Opposition senator was exposed for exposing his superhero underwear. Now comes the new judge and I am left to wonder if a judge hearing a UNC matter had posted anything that could be politically construed as support for the political party, what would have happened?

In the face of the loss of integrity of the members of the judiciary, the CJ keeps smiling and laughing as though he fiddles while Rome burns.

God bless this nation.

Lystra Marajh