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Can ‘ordinary people’ really prosper?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Businessman Gary Aboud, of Syrian descent, believes working 12-hour days for 30 years creates success. He is also reported as saying there is corruption in the property business, in the supply of goods and services and in the energy sector. The overall effect of Aboud’s statements is that our society is corrupt, but if one puts in a 12-hour day for 30 years of hard work, one can avoid criminal conduct and still be wildly successful.

There is a widely held view that there is no category nor captain of industry operating in the country, which has avoided criminal conduct and be wildly successful in the bargain. Truth be told, real success also resides in banking relationships, unspoken policies of segregation and networking opportunities, and ever present issues of class and colour. In this country, if the ordinary man is not religiously and/or politically aligned, he or she is dead in the water from the get go.

How else to explain the spectacular failures of decades of long hours and hard work by non-aligned ordinary people?



Kathleen Pinder