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No serious effort to deport illegals

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Four years to deport people to their homeland is totally unacceptable! It has been postulated that many of the illegal immigrants may not have any or appropriate travel documents. Does it really take that long to get the various embassies and institutions to get these documents in order?

It seems, therefore, that if this was indeed the case for public officials here and abroad to get their acts together, can you imagine getting anything serious done in matters of international relations and trade, for example?

It begs the question, what serious efforts have been made to deport these people? Our immigration laws are quite clear on procedure. It seems that no real focus has been placed on this matter and yes, the taxpayers are the ones who bear these bills.

There is also an issue whereby these illegal immigrants usually state that they did not commit any crime in T&T. Really? Isn’t a crime when you break a law? Did they not break our immigration laws? However, the punishment is deportation and this we must do promptly.

Ian Ramdhanie,

Principal, Caribbean Institute for Security and Public Safety