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Masterful Melocotones ends Film Festival with a bang

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Hector Valdez’s sex-romp Melocotones has something for everyone.

The 12th T&T Film Festival closes with a spectacular bang today, with a terrific and groundbreaking film selection that was not picked before only because of the limitations of programming schedules. For many people, this will be the film of the festival.

Today’s film is:

Melocotones aka (Canned) Peaches

(Dominican Republic, 2015)

Director: Hector M Valdez

Genre: Comedy-Drama- Fantasy-Sci-fi

Running time: 80 mins

Screening time: 3.30pm, MovieTowne,

San Fernando.

There is nothing new under the sun, of course, but Hector M Valdez’s comic sex romp comes pretty damned close.

Relatively recent films have used the springboard of time-travel well in a variety of genres — Looper and Edge of Tomorrow, eg, in action-thriller, The Butterfly Effect in horror, About Time in rom-com —but not since Germany’s Tom Tykwer made Lola Run and Run in 1998 has a film used the notion to such great entertainment advantage.

Even the time period in which the film is set is itself a bit of an inside joke, with the future of the unspecified Caribbean location laboriously made to look like a kitsch Sixties vision of a future that actually looked more like the past, and in deliberately dated Technicolor to boot!

From the opening shots, in which the male lead buys sundries from a robotic vendor that reminds you of a man who might sell you black coral jewellery on Accra Beach in Barbados, the audience is in the hands of a master. Time after time, he will trick you in a wonderful way. Modern technology, guided by timeless wit and genius, uses the eternal triangle to generate hilarious and hugely rewarding cinema. You’ll hardly spend a better 80 minutes this year. Unreservedly recommended, unless you can’t read subtitles. A film that reminds you that film is primarily escapist and a serious contender for the festival’s best.

• Also consider: The Violin Teacher, 6pm Screen 7, MovieTowne POS.



n 10.30 am - Romeo and Juliet - 117 mins

n 1 pm - One in 15 mins + Angelica - 95 mins

n 3.30 pm - Scarlett Angelina 10 mins + Jeffrey - 78 mins

n 6 pm - We Love Moses 15 mins + The Violin Teacher - 102 mins

n 8.30 pm - The Knot 15 mins + Santa and Andres - 105 mins


n 10.30 am - Adama - 85 mins

n 1 pm - Rapatriation 2 mins + Féfé Limbe 28 mins + Gang of the Antilles - 90 mins

n 3.30 pm - Con sana Alegria (With Wholesome Joy) 18 mins + Ultimas Dias en la Habana - 93 mins

n 6 pm - Chocolate 11 mins + Nadie Nos Mira 102 mins

n 8.30 pm - Come Out Come Out 12 mins + Carpinteros - 108 mins


n 10.30 am - Romeo and Juliet - 117 mins

n 3.30 pm - See You Yesterday 17 mins + Melocotones (Peaches) - 80 mins

n 6 pm - The Book of Jasmine 14 mins + Jafta Propella 2017 60 mins

n 8.30 pm - Con Sana Alegria 18 mins + Last Days in Havana - 93 mins


n 10.30 am - Romeo and Juliet 117 mins

n 6 pm - Dreamshire 30 mins + I am a Politician - 93 mins

n 8.30 pm - The Book of Jasmine 14 mins + JAFTA PROPELLA 2017 - 60 mins