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Fire destroys Goodwood pensioner’s home

Friday, August 18, 2017
Esme Felix-Paul’s damaged home after the fire.

Roxborough police and fire officials are probing the cause of a fire which destroyed the Goodwood home of a pensioner last Saturday.

According to police reports, Esme Felix-Pearsall, 79, secured her home and left for Trinidad around 5 am. Around 7.20 on the same day, the occupant of the lower floor of the house also secured his apartment and left the premises. However, around 10 am a neighbour saw the two-storey house on fire and contacted the Fire Service.

Fire officials say when they arrived on the scene the entire upper floor was engulfed in flames. The entire upstairs portion was destroyed while the downstairs portion suffered water damage. Losses were estimated at $1,125,525 but the house was not insured.

Up to yesterday, the cause of the fire was yet to be ascertained as the investigation was said to be inconclusive

When Tobago Today visited Felix-Pearsall on Monday, she alleged arson was the reason she lost her home. She said she believed it was connected to a matter she had in the court.

“I was in Trinidad when the incident happened. I was on my way to Diego Martin for a thanksgiving when the Mother of my church called and told me. She received a call that my house was in flames. I really thought it was a prank…,” she said.

But Felix-Pearsall said she is a resilient person and is planning to rebuild her home. She is also asking for assistance from those in authority

“I am not going nowhere. This has to fix up. The house isn’t insured, but whatever I have I would put towards it to make myself happy as ever. All I need help to do is clean, so the water would stop dripping, but I’m open to any help if they want to give it to me,” she said.

The cause of the fire has not yet been ascertained. Investigations are continuing.