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PBR closed off as police, gunmen trade bullets

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gunmen who shot at a man driving along the Priority Bus Route (PBR), Beetham Gardens ended up in a shootout with police yesterday.

According to police, Colin Guy, 23, originally from Beetham Gardens, was driving west along the bus route around 1.30 pm when he was shot at. Officers of the Homicide Bureau, who were heading in the opposite direction stopped and began shooting at Guy's attackers. Guy, who now lives at Cocorite, was shot in the left hip and drove himself to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he remains warded.

Residents, however, gave a different account of what happened.

The said the officers stopped near Pashley Street and began shooting at them without warning and some residents returned fire, thinking it was gunmen from waring John John, Laventille area who were attacking them.

They accused the police officers of shooting indiscriminately at residents.

Some residents who were near the One Child Development Centre preschool said the officers were hostile and prevented parents from picking up their children at the school.

The shootout forced vehicles to turn off the PBR and onto the Eastern Main Road.

For over two hours traffic was diverted off the PBR.

Police said no one was injured or arrested following the shooting between them and gunmen from Beetham Gardens.