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Beetham protest blocks POS exits

Thursday, November 23, 2017
Photographer: Abraham Diaz

Police have put a stop to a protest being staged by Beetham residents on the Priority Bus Route and Beetham Highway, in what residents have described as a demand for jobs.

Around 10 am as commuters made their way into the capital city, residents dragged debris, wooden doors, tyres and other items onto the PBR and the highway, trapping commuters.

As of 1 pm, while the highway heading west was traffic-free, there were traffic gridlocks reported on the Eastern Main Road, the Priority Bus Route and the Beetham Highway heading east, the main exits from the capital city.

The police have turned the single lane on the PBR heading east into two lanes in an attempt to assist the traffic. 

The protest followed a police exercise in the community early this morning, which saw two community leaders taken into custody.

But residents said this had nothing to do with their protests.

During protests, the residents alleged that Government had treated them with scant courtesy and had neglected them.

 They claimed they wanted jobs to clean drains around the community and that they were best equipped to do with it.

There were also reports that people were being robbed on the highway. Several people reported that the windows of their vehicles had been damaged during these incidents. There were also reports of delivery trucks being looted.