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T&T Equestrian Association hosts special athletes

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
TTEA volunteer Alicia Eiffel with some of the children and parents from The Cascade School for the Deaf.

Feelings of joy engulfed the children from the T&T Equestrian Association’s programmes’, as well as, the Princess Elizabeth Centre and the Cascade School for the Deaf, last Sunday, as they competed in and watched a variety of equestrian events at the San Antonio Stable in Gran Couva.

The occasion titled “Bridles and Brunches” was a fundraiser and ‘fun day’ organized by the T&T Equestrian Association, and aimed at celebrating the special athletes of the association.

The children were awestruck as they participated in a variety of equestrian events such as, dressage test, capture the flag and pole bending events.

The show-stopping performance of the day saw both coaches and experienced riders compete in a “chase me Charlie” jumping competition, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

For their spirited efforts, after a fun-filled day, each child was given a ribbon, which was met with rousing cheers and applause from the audience.